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The Article Sub database includes the most important scientific publications from Europe and Asia, as well as the most relevant and reliable research.

This clause lists the main international journals and proceedings. Authors can learn about international journal impact factors, proceedings (research papers) and future events. All journal pages contain links to publisher websites embedded in the sub-article feed pages.

The goal is to increase the visibility and user-friendliness of open access scientific and scholarly journals. If your journal has been indexed and received a verified article stamp, you can request a calculation of the journal’s impact factor.

Article Sub is a service that provides access to high quality open access journals. The supplementary article is intended to be comprehensive, covering all open access scientific and scholarly publications using adequate quality control mechanisms and will not be limited to a few languages or most thematic fields determined. The supplement aims to promote the emergence and usability of open access scientific and scholarly publications, thereby encouraging greater consumption and impact.

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